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Brilliant job of Biblical references in this powerful entry.

God bless~
I recently told this story to my junior church class. Isn't it amazing how we humans like to cover up one wrong with another and another until we are completely bogged down in our sin? I also think it is wonderful that David repented and God was able to still call him a man after God's own heart. We can learn so much from David, as you showed us in your piece. Thank you!
Oh my, this is powerful and compelling to read. You did a fantastic job with this story and the message comes through so loud and clear.

Excellent writing!
First of all you did a simply superb job of summarizing this most intimate of Biblical accounts in the space allotted. Not only that, but you brought home the point beautifully of the ripple effect of one action or in acton resulting in a life time of consequences. I loved devotional, and the ending was perfect.That one splash made such an impression, that it was all that was needed. A very memorable re-telling of one my favorite Bible stories -- because there is such a lesson to be learned. Your writing was extremely descriptive, and you carried the plot along nicely, it had the feel of almost reading it for the first time.
You tell this story so well, and I like the way you finish so powerfully. The message really hits home. Well done.
Well thought out and written. Beginning with your title, throughout the supurb recounting, to the lessons that should be learned from this important story, you did a great job!
Wow. Truth and consequences. A vivid, very human retelling of how King David's breaking God's 10th Commandment to not covet lead him to adultery and murder.
Great message in this excellent retelling of the story of David, Bathseba, and Uriah! That last line holds so much truth: "A small splash of sin…a large splattering of consequences."
Congratulations on ranking 6th in your level and 24 overall!