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I love the wisdom of Nana. I felt transported back to Grandma's kitchen. She had a boring paring knife that she could peel an apple with in one strand. She had used and sharpened the knife so much that the middle of the blade was almost worn away. When she died I took that knife. Now when I use it, I'll think of her and this story. Brilliant message!
What a lovely entry, it made me smile and embrace happy memories of years past. Thanks for taking me there and for this piece.

God bless~
I enjoyed your story and the way you wove the 'sharp' theme in and drew a good message out. Well done.
Perfect analogy. Hopefully, the granddaughter will follow up on the sound advice.
I enjoyed the dialogue between your characters. Great lesson within and now I am hungry for apple pie.
Love the dialogue and message! The only thing that I didn't care for was the hurtful words of the granddaughter.

I'm a school bus driver... :(

Really great work! Thanks for sharing it with us.
Wonderful analogy! I truly felt this as it makes perfect sense (and pies)?
Wonderful story with a great, strong message. Loved it.
I am not sure you needed the line about John and oiling the hinges since it didn't come into the story (unless I am missing something) but other than that this wonderful story was a treasure on every level. The conversation between Nana and Isabella was so believable and honest. The talking about relationships along side which was the best tool to use for slicing and coring the apple was a little bit of genius. Your use of topic and point of the story from the Bible is one that will be easy to remember for any reader. This writing deserves a very high score. Loved it! Thanks so much for bringing us into Nana's kitchen to share in her meaningful wisdom.
This is a sharp, double-edged story--with the casual chatter about knives as a "cover" for the real message! :) I thought you did an excellent and very believable job with the dialogue between Nana and Isabella. Nana seems like a very wise woman, and I'm glad her granddaughter seemed to finally understand in the end what she was trying to share with her. Great piece of writing!
CONGRATULATIONS on your 3rd place E.C.!! :D I'm not surprised at all that your story ranked so high, as it was one of my favorites this week! WAY TO WRITE!!
This is brilliant - what a parable lesson. Glad the perceptive if wayward teenager was able to see the lesson. The dialogue of this story was really great - a wonderful story. Many congratulations.
"It's not what you say, but how you say it." So many times I remember my mother saying those words. With great skill, your story illustrates that principle.

Congratulations for a well-constructed entry
I was pretty sure about this clever piece of yours. I am so very glad you placed 3rd on your level and your wonderful EC win. Congratulations girl and many happy remembrances of your day...
I shudder with the thought of future meaningful conversations with my almost 5 year old granddaughter and can only hope I will be as wise a your MC!
Fantastic dialogue and profound message woven throughout.
Well done and congratulations.
Congratulations Christina. Your 3rd place and EC are well deserved.
Congratulations on your well deserved win! Great story, masterfully done visual for your message...would be a great story for a teen magazine.
Congratulations on your 3rd place EC award. I was sure it was a winner the first time I read it.