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Thanks for this panoramic sketch of life in Leeds market, and for sharing t'fun tha has in what must be a shopping experience for thee. I loved the whole picture, though I was saddened at the approach of the "Preacher for the Black Lagoon," who saw himself more as judge and jury than witness.
Great writing lass...
This is a lovely piece. You packed so much into those 750 words. I felt like I was right there with you and I admit, at times, I likely would be smiling and nodding my head--the universal sign of oh yes, I agree, but really have no idea what you're talking about! :)Though some of the transitions like from the hubby's description to the indoor market to the pushy lady seemed a bit abrupt they simultaneously showed exactly the point I think you were trying to make. This was a grand trip to the Celtic part of the world. I hope you'll be my tour guide again some day.
Wow - This was a fast moving and clever read. It held my attention and I felt caught up in the frenzy of the entire piece.
God bless~
I love this! Especially the "cuppa tea and slab o yon cake luv" An entertaining read through out and spot on topic. Thanks for the delight. Excellent.
Please be my tour guide! This was most delightful. Thank you.
Because He lives and loves . . .
I love the way you "speak" / write; it is so funny and so colourful... What is bread fruit? I think I would love to try some. And that apple pie with cream sounded heavenly. You can tell what stood out to me in this piece, being the "foodie" that I am. There is one thing that really surprised me. I believe that celtic music is the most lilting of music I have ever heard (I am aware that some say the term celtic there was a clever ploy by the music industry to get more sales) but never the less, I think it is truly heavenly ie my piece entered for this week. As far as the speech from the Yorkshire county it might be rougher sounding comparatively to your neighbors, but I think any kind of English accent is a breath of fresh air. Thank you so much for the way you paint your pictures and take your reader with you. You make me feel like I have been to Leeds market and yet at the same time want to hop the first plane to see it all in person. Thanks for the great read and the beautiful lesson that we all need to learn, that no matter the individual accent, with Love, one can move mountains.
Very good. Your first lines drew me in and the rest kept me reading. I loved the last line.
One of my favorite lines: "Compassion speaks volumes". So true as the moral of your story. I love the way you've told this, totally involving the reader into the scenes and atmosphere of your piece, not only with dialogue, but with descriptions as well.
I loved "hearing" the broad Yorkshire accent in this wonderful piece! :) Your description of the market was fascinating, too! However, your thoughts at the end were the best! :) Great job!
We'd been talking, this week, about the importance of love when exercising spiritual gifts. Danielle, I found your story most interesting and thought-provoking, and that accent--I loved it. :) I enjoyed this very much. Thanks.
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