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I have had many of those kind of conversations and I would like to say I have become more patient - but I haven't. Jesus is patient with us when I don't seem to be able to speak his language!
I read this and became frustrated along with MC, as you effectively wrote what all of us have experienced at times. You used an everyday occurence and made good illustrative use of it. Well done.
Life is so unintelligible at times. And we all need to learn to be more patient with one another. Thank you for writing this highly relatable piece.
This was a clever entry and held an authentic tone that almost everyone will relate to. Nicely done.

God bless~
This is such a delightful read. i think pretty much everyone can relate to something like that. My hubby is an IT guy and I'll hear him on the phone trying to help someone through the troubles. his favorite story is when someone called IT because her computer wouldn't turn on. The first question asked was is it plugged in? She responded with Hold on I need to get a flashlight because the electricity is out. Like you said, how wonderful that Jesus is far more patient than us. I do suspect, however, that at times he might bang his head against a cloud (my husband bangs his on his desk, but stopped when he realized others in the office were staring.:) This was a great read and right on topic.
This is so well written--something we have all experienced. Excellent!!!
Am there - doing that! I love how you wrapped this up.

Because He lives and loves,

How brave you are to profile a scenario that offers a banquet of frustration, and turn it into a devotional challenge. Well done.
Superb use of the topic. And yes, I too have lost it with many a young man from far off lands. Good job we never get to meet them. Great job, in spite of being specless.
I can relate to your story. Good message within. Good job and God bless.
Great take on the topic and the way it causes the reader to pause and reflect. I often stop to think in situations like this that the person on the other end is not trying to be difficult and truly wants to help - and it up to me to do my part and try to understand so we both can get through this all the better for having patience and persevering.
What a hoot... and perfect description of many of my worst technical nightmares. I have come to cringe after dialing a number that's answered by anyone with any type of eastern tinged accent.
I appreciate this humorous reminder that I need to demonstrate more grace and less impatience.
Great dialogue!!
I have been through conversations similar to this, and they do stress me! It's hard enough for me to understand how to do computer things when the instructions are in clear English! Anyway, I'm sure many of us can totally relate to your amusing, very believable piece! You did a great job with the dialogue! :)
Congratulations for ranking 6th in level 3 and 16th overall! Happy Dance! (I hope this soothes the pain some. ((gentle Hugs))
oops I made a mistake you are 15 overall not 16!
I am so happy that your piece got recognized and so many related. You did have a "speak" with your dialogue that translated this piece into a place where we all felt, "Been there, done that." Only this piece went a step farther with the precious little devotional at the end and the humility the MC showed. Congrats on getting 6th place in your level and 15th over all. Way to write...