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This was so endearing. Nicely done. God bless~
This is priceless!
Very clever and light-hearted parallel that alludes warmly to the reality of being born again. Well done.
SO cute! Faith like a child. :)
Very Cute!! A waddling and a toddling through a toddler's first faltering steps. Enjoyed!!

Colin Swann (GOLD)
Oh I love this. It is such a beautiful story so nicely encapsulated into a poem. The rhythm of your words matches the rhythm of learning to walk. I think that was quite clever.

You seemed to be missing a word in this line: holding to my mother. I think you could fix it by saying holding onto Mother (the extra word on is balanced by removing the word my) Some of the rhymes felt a bit forced for me. For ex: weeks and feet. I wonder if you could switch it so weeks rhymes with tweaks Something like My feet are nimbler after I applied some tweaks.

They may not be perfect lines but I just wanted to give you my thoughts on it. Overall, I enjoyed this poem so much. I'm sure many people thought about Baby's first steps. Though I've read about half of the articles, I don't remember too many, if any stories yet on this. But even if there are tons, this will still stand tall among them. You nailed the topic and for me grabbed my attention immediately. I also appreciate the subtle correlation to baby steps for people and baby steps for Christians. Like anything worthwhile in life, we may fall down and bruise our bums but Jesus is still there holding our hand and doing his own version of a Happy Dance each time we please him. I'm sure that this piece left Jesus dancing and it left me with a warm safe smile.
Cute! I liked your comparison of 'baby steps'!
Cute poem. It's a great reminder that falling, getting up, and pressing on is part of the Christian's life.
Childlike words of faith, boldly and innocently spoken. The last line - expressed so well and one we all grip and take hold on forever.