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His grace is sufficient.
Wow what an intimate talk with Jesus. I admire your courage for sharing this piece with the world. I've been in dark places like this before and could totally relate to this. Powerful and gripping!
Very intense feelings are expressed in your poem. How important to know that in times of distress, God is always there.

Even though your piece did not adequately cover the topic, I'm certain someone reading this will find "grace to help" in their time of need.
This sort of reminded of some of David's Psalms....which I love. I enjoyed this immensely and you are a talented writer.

Excellent! God Bless, Lynn
I do agree, this sounds like a Psalms of David. It's ending as comforting as the conclusion of any of his songs.
I agree with Loren, in the resemblance to parts of Psalm 22. However it has a fresh immediacy that reflects our time-scale, in our fast-paced world of so many choices. It also reminds me that we will grow old while looking for some bible verse that tells us where we will feel God's presence.
The close sets it off so well.
What a passionate and inspiring prayer!

My own soul echoes the cry in this line: "Please don't take your Holy Spirit from me.
I need his presence within me, like a living being needs a heart."

I also loved the Lord's response to the prayer's plea--His promise that He is with us even when we have no certain evidence of His presence.

Thank you for sharing this!
Lovely and touching!
Thanks. God bless~
You spoke spirit to my spirit. There is comfort in knowing we do not suffer these things alone. Thank you for your transparency.
I too sensed the passion and honesty of this open and intimate converastion between the MC and the Lord. I was grateful that the MC was so honest with his/her feelings and openly expressed them to God ... a lesson for all of us. Nice work!