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This is heart-breaking to read and I would never want to experience such a tragedy, but there is real comfort and hope shining through at the end, and you focused upon that. A sad but good use of the topic.
Thank you for a very powerful, active description of God's love, which I hope has not come through personal experience. May his blessings continue for you and through you.
This is beautiful,gripping and bittersweet all at once. I'm sure it would be difficult to find the blessings in the death of a child. But God will lead us through the dark valleys if we only will take his hand.Your story demonstrated that perfectly. I suspect this story is true because the pain was palpable, as was the hope. God bless.
Sometimes I think our times of truest blessedness come from our deepest sorrows. This is a beautiful illustration of the God of all comfort. Great job.
An excellently written, what could very well be a true story, giving us hope when going through the deepest of valleys. Thank you for sharing.

Colin (Gold Member)
I applaud your ability to be so open and vulnerable. This was so sobering and moving. The line for me that hit the deepest as ... "I thought of the complete lack of regrets, and the knowledge that there was nothing we would have done differently with our son, had we had more time with him." I can think of no greater blessing in life than for this to be true about any area. Well done!
First, let me say how sorry I am for the loss of your son. It is impossible to imagine such a tragedy, yet testimonies such as yours helps us draw closer to try and understand the deep grief you must feel. Your words are a tribute to your son in remembering him to us and to your faith that strengthens us all.
Wow and wow again. Your story captured my heart with a tenderness towards God's providence and His stunning answer to one of life's most unbearable scenarios. Simply stunning way to illustrate God and His peoples position in a time of grief.
My sincere and heartfelt condolence for the loss of your son. This touched my heart and solidified how important it is to have faith in our hearts, especially knowing we'll see our loved ones again.

And, the "family in our church" is always an extra hug and blessing from God.

Thank you for sharing your pesonal story with us.

God bless you~
This is truly a story of grief and pain. Your writing conveys a personal experience and the reader can feel your sorrow. However, you have managed to allow the God of All Comfort to come into the hearts and minds of the reader and become real to him/her.
Congratulations on a well deserved 1st place ribbon!
This hit too close to home for me to read it all, but I can tell from what I did read you did a wonderful job. Congratulations on your EC!
Congratulations on your win. Great work.