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Creative work. While no-one could ever accuse you of a sectarian, you may face some complaints of beeing insect-arian.;-) Some good teaching tucked into the fun of your approach.
I enjoyed this fun article. Definitely a unique take on the topic. Catchy title too. It's good to Bee different!
This left a buzz in my brain. lol. The Bee characters are charming, and the truth comes forth in your words. Good job.
Okay this is the work of a genius! (Of course I didn't say what kind of a genius:) ) Seriously though, I positively loved it. I thought it creative, fun and a delight to read. You had me chuckling from the very beginning right up to the end. I love your wit. When Humbleebee corrected the grammar from got to have I laughed out loud for real and high-fived you through cyber-space. I will admit I didn't totally get Frizbee (other than the flat thing people throw and occasionally a dog might catch) I did see that the one was humble and one maybe a bit klutzy and bumbley but I didn't get the Friz part. But never fear because it's not a fantastic play on words if at least one or two of them don't go over my head. My final take on this piece is a simple one but a profound one--WOW!
I love this! Very unique and based on my favorites! God Bless you....excellent!
This was beyond creative! I really liked how you made all the sub-plots so fun and playful while driving home a basic message. And then, with the last one, it all became serious. That transition was powerful and you could feel the change in tone. Excellent writing!
Fantastic! I'm curious how the title popped into your head. I really enjoy how clever this is.
Interesting entry.
Thank you. God Bless~