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Flushed with success! A terrific snapshot with good characters and dialogue, with a touch of mystery to keep the interest. Well done.
This is an enjoyable read. I could definitely relate to your MC. Art leaves me a bit befuddled too. The opening showed a hint of mystery that made me want to find out where the characters were headed.

The one thing I might suggest is instead of tag lines like she said or I whispered, use that space to paint a picture for your reader. For example take the first line. Instead of I asked Sally try something that will show the reader maybe something like I clung to the armrest as Sally pushed her foot down on the accelerator.
Just by switching it a bit you can get rid of the tag line yet still let the reader know who is speaking and it also gives the reader a glimpse of the characters' personalities.

I truly enjoyed the ending. You took me where I didn't expect to go. I figured when the toilet wouldn't flush that it was a piece of art mistaken for a toilet. However your ending is more realistic and also tells a great message. You did a nice job of writing on topic and handled it in a fun and fresh way. This is a delight to read. Nice job.
I really enjoyed your story with its toilet ending. I did wonder if the toilet was actually a 'work of art' too. Like the MC I sometimes feel perplexed by some works of art. A bit like 'the emporer's new clothes' no one dares admit they can't 'see' the artistic in the art. Well written.
I really enjoyed this very much. I especially thought this was a good line:

"Unworthiness flowed out with the retreating water and confidence with the refill." This I almost felt was sort of a "parable" - almost like a renewal of self. Good line.

Nicely done. God bless~

This was simply ... funny! I could identify with the MC as I too have often had difficulty with modern definitions of ... art. I like how you showed the internal conversations the MC was having. This overall flowed so easily. Well done!
I am not much for the world of "Arts" myself so I could identify! Thanks for sharing your talent for words!
Congratulations on placing 6th in level 3 and for placing 17th overall!
Something I noticed while reading the other comments is that we authors who are also artists all admitted we didn't understand art. Kind of ironic. I love that your story gives us a glimpse of why not everyone will understand our stories. You really opened my eyes on this one. Again congratulations!
Thanks for laughable moments expressed by your MC. I too prefer realism in art over modern. A tree is a tree and portraits should look like the person who posed! I hate nervous moments in strange bathrooms and can say, "Been there, done that."

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