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I liked this. I got chills when I realized what the brother was going to do. The story even would have been powerful ending at the gaurd's words, "Someone else took your place." Good job. :-)
A powerful and unsentimental piece.
Beautifully written. So inspiring.
I enjoyed this and was intrigued how it turned out. What a brother, what a Lord! Good job showing God's love. Great writing!
What a work.. to show the action of Christ as he took our place, and showing it in a way that any could relate.. Very well done.
Beautifully done--reminds me of a movie that was made long before you were born, "The Robe." I loved that, and I love this as well.
I liked the part where 'fear' forced him to listen. The hope is he 'accepted.' I enjoyed this as much today as I did the first time I read it a few days ago. Well written!
Very well written. I enjoyed.
I had a feeling this was yours the other day when I read it the first time! I loved the lines "Tears streamed down her face as she frantically called out to him. “You don’t understand! You are not ready!” It showed that her focus wasn't on his body, but his soul where it needed to be. Great job!

This one gave me chills -wonderful!
I always look forward to reading your entries - and you certainly didn't disappoint! This gripped me from beginning to end. Definitely a winner!
Nice story. Well done.
Beautiful... simply the best and absolutely a winner, anytime, anyday!!!
This was beautiful! Kept me reading till the end!
Wow! I'm glad I read this one! I loved it from beginning to end. Great story, well told.
Great job! Interesting twist, with Anton grasping sacrifice, yet not the Lord's, nor how it applied to him. Reminded me a little of The Last Disciple by Hank Hanegraff & Sig Brouwer.
Wow! Really entered into this one. You give a clear sense of place and character with a few economical phrases. Great twist that it was the brother who wanted to take h is sister’s place and through this Christ’s sacrifice may become clear to him. Yeggy