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Great dialogue. The character of the people was well reflected in how they talked. I am a bit confused why Aunt Norma was called Aunt B in the middle of the story. Good writing!
A creative idea and well-written. However, if the main character really has mental challenges, then the interior monologue should reflect that. The MC's thoughts sounded way too mature. Maybe this would be better written in third person. Just a suggestion you may want to try.
I can feel awkwardness in the air. Your MC has genuine feelings, attitudes and desires. I liked your perception of both his thoughts and emotions.

Wing His Words!
I like pieces that reflect internal dialogue, and yours did just that. Nicely done, and I am curious about "Aunt B" too? Was that intentional?

Nonetheless, I've enjoyed this descriptive well-written entry that was totally on topic.

God Bless~
Ah, yes, we've all been in this situation at one time or another. I liked the way your dialogue reflected the opinions of the characters. I am assuming that Aunt Bea was another of the guests, but you might not want to include her unless you can either introduce her before she speaks or, perhaps, mention her again later in a way that gives the reader an idea of why she is in the story. It's hard with so few words but better to just leave her out if not enough room to let the reader feel comfortable with her mention in the scene. I loved the little MC's perception of the neighbor and his worth. We, too, need to look passed the blaring faults of others and see their real need. The MC and his mother are good examples of acceptance. Some powerful reflections result from reading your story! Good job.
As in reality, there is seldom perfection in any given situation. Your story brings out true to life the nice and the not so nice. Well done on a nicely written piece.