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I enjoyed this sweet wholesome peak behind the scenes. It is so true that many have mo idea what is going on behind the scenes of many things in life. I enjoyed the enlightenment and offer kudos to your husband and others like him.

Tiny red ink would be to save the exclamation points for dialog and allow your words to do the exclaiming. Also I'm not sure if you used his true name but be careful about divulging who the author is as the challenge is supposed to be anonymous until the judging is over. (if you didn't use a real name or you have a different last name I apologize but your story seemed so heartfelt that I assumed it was true)

You did a nice job of covering the topic and while donating groceries isn't out of the box, your behind the scene tour certainly was a fresh and interesting take. I enjoyed it. Good job
Interesting and engaging entry with the topic. I enjoyed the entire piece and especially loved your word choice along the way.

God bless~
Good descriptive writing.
Your description took me back to my younger years in technicolor. I think we may have lived on the same block! Ahh - the good ole days. I loved this!
This is not only a tribute to a fine husband, but a great uplifting entry. It is a show of God's love and the sacrifices made to show it to others. What a lesson to remember. Good writing.