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Wow - powerful story. It touched me on many levels. Great job with the topic.

It seemed God had "other plans for that day," and so it was carried out in a timely manner! God knew all along what needed to be done. Loved this.

I wonder if this is a true story? True or not, it is something that serves as a timely reminder that we can reach out to others at every opportunity.

Thank you. God Bless~
A great way to weave a very realistic and plausible scenario (if not actually true) from the well known bible parable. This was well written and flowed nicely. I think you could have gotten away without referring to the church working repeatedly as "saints" but that's a minor thing. Very well done!
Great point made from a biblical principle. Good writing.
As one of the "saints" in our church, I am so familiar with the "excuses". Thanks for a great story. Keep writing for the Lord~
A very clever "parallelable" - to coin a phrase - that exposes the excuses that we can so often hear and use. Great job.
Excellent job! I love this, a familiar Bible story that came alive in a new, fresh way. Well written. God bless!
A familiar Bible story brought up to date! Interesting read.
This is a delightful, modern retelling of the familiar parable. You did a wonderful job of setting up the scene and the characters.

I did notice some sentences were a bit awkward like this one: But what happened next is text message responses filled with excuses poured in, even as the last of the chairs were being set up.
Just by rearranging it some it tightens up the sentence -- Even before the last chair was in position, the texts, filled with excuses, started to pour in.
The other red ink I have is your ending. Because the pastor wasn't involved in the invitations, he wouldn't know that last minute guest had been secured. Though he may have been able to guess by looking around the room, that could come off as being judgmental.

However, even with those tiny things you did a marvelous job with this story. I've read a few this week based on the same scripture but what I really liked about yours was how you modernized it. By doing that, you make the story relatable to more people. You did a beautiful job of writing on topic while still delivering a message that everyone needs to hear. This was a fun and nourishing read and I thoroughly enjoyed it.