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Light, fun read down a path many of us are familiar with.
Hooray for carrots! Very fun read. It sounds so much like what I do at potlucks too. Pray no one sees what a pitiful dish I bring. haha;)
Hahahahahaahaha! This was great fun...a sheer delight to read. Thanks! God bless~
Such a fun read! I don’t even like carrots but I was so glad Maggie brought carrots! I went to a pot-luck once where three people brought spaghetti, but never so many beans. What a laugh! Great job on this!
This is so funny. I bet the young boys ate most of the beans :-) A very entertaining look at the potluck dinner culture of churches - and a very good reminder to always have a quick mix recipe ready to go at any time, but not beans!!! Blessings, Helen.
Hehe this is good. Good thing she decided to go with the carrots. ;)
Beans? I enjoy beans, but tend to avoid them for obvious reasons. Carrots? Only raw, thank you. Pot lucks and I don't really get along too well, but I sure did enjoy the story that came with this one.

Good writing!
This is a charming story. I could easily relate to the MC. I could feel her discomfort grow as my stomach lurched in empathy for her.

The only red ink I have is ok should be capitals--OK or written out--okay.

You did a great job of covering the topic and I enjoyed how her fretting and worrying panned out for her in the end. It makes me feel a tad better about all the worrying I do! :)
Liked Maggie's sense of deja vu - we've all bean this way before ;-) But I liked the energy and fun that flows through the honesty of this piece.
What a delightful story. I love your descriptive way of writing. Your story flowed extremely well and was a delight from beginning to end. Your title was very appropriate as well. I personally didn't see anything in it that I would change. Excellent writing!
You carried this story through with a frantic pace, matching perfectly your MC dilemma. It was all very believable and you did a good and honest job with the dialogue. My wife's "go to" is a raspberry fruit salad. Somehow she always seems to have what's needed to make it. But then she is a southern (little bit of this and a little bit of that) cook which helps.
I enjoyed is usually the least that turns out to be the best!! Great Story!
I enjoyed everything about this story, from the hurried inventory of the pantry to the debate over beans or carrots. For the sake of the pot-luckers, I glad she brought carrots. I loved the thought you gave the reader that perhaps all the potluck-goers were also harried (like your MC) and made last minute dishes too. :)