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This is such a gripping story. There are so many truths in it. I'm amazed you were able to pack so much in the limited word count, but you did. I highly suspect, that different people will receive a different message depending on where they are in their journey. that's not an easy hing to do.

Just tiny red ink is when you use Mama as a name be sure to capitalize it. The same thing with Pastor but if you put a a, the, or my in front then it changes from a proper noun to a noun and should be lowercase.

I loved the vision you painted for me of this -- feebly rolled over to the aged, mobile wooden podium in her wheelchair. I did chuckle out loud.

I'm not used to calling people Sister or Saints (I always thought you couldn't be a saint until years after your death) so I had a tiny bit of trouble keeping the two ladies separate in my mind but that is because of me not you. I like exploring things I'm not familiar with and I totally understand it is a way to be respectful. Again you made me laugh aloud when Sister Elizabeth chided her son for calling her Sister. For me, it was especially hysterical because of my unfamiliarity of the words.

You did a great job of nailing the topic while delivering so many messages. it is too easy for churches to get caught in their own membership. I remember a local church donating food to a family but they didn't need it as much as another family did. When suggested to give it to the other family, the request was denied because they weren't members of the church. I just can't imagine how sad that would make Jesus. Your story really made that clear. I think all humans need to be reminded from time to time and you did a great job of doing just that without coming off as preachy or sanctimonious. And on top of all of that you told a fun and interesting story.
This was a powerful entry. The messages packed into this piece were abundant, and the truths undeniable. Nicely done and nicely written. Thank you, it touched my heart.

God bless~
Inspiring story with a great message about our ministry to the world as followers of Jesus.

I liked the dialogue among the people, and through your writing I could see the whole scene unfolding in my mind!

Thank you for sharing this!
Very evocative entry, with a good mix of homespun humor and wisdom laying a path for a challenge to come through at the close.
I really enjoyed this because I did come from an era when church folks were called Sister so and so or Brother or referred to as saints. And the truth that I took from this entry is that we are so guilty as Christians on getting hung up on the trivial (what number is the Church Picnic) instead of focusing on winning souls. Well written and an excellent piece. God bless. (PS, sometimes I'm still called Sister Leola and I don't mind a bit)
I enjoyed this. You made several good points that all of us as Christians/church members need to remember. Well written.
This was awesome! I too was part of a Sister/Brother/Saint calling church when I was younger (still am!) and the whole scene of the church picnic really brought back some wonderful memories. I really loved the respect given to the eldery woman inthe wheelchair. As i read I could feel her timely and deep wisdom being so respectfully received. And her message was one we all need to follow today too! Nice job!