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Wow! This was a powerful piece that, unfortunately is the reality of what happens at times today. I thought it was very engaging and kept me reading to the end. One line though threw me ... "If you were a man, you would have recourse. However, technically, he’s the pastor, and you’re ‘just the wife." Not completely sure what specific point it was that you were trying to make other than perhaps any legal recourse the wife may have on the ministry. It jsut threw me a bit.

But overall, this was a wonderful read with a "wake up" call of a message. Well done!
Wow...this packed quite a wallop. The fact that it was true made it all the more so. I am so proud of the wife for coming forward. Thank you for sharing this jarring story with us.

God bless you abundantly~
Oh my! I was so sad when I got to the end and discovered it was a true story. Unfortunately, these things happen. I trust the MC found a good life later, and was victorious. God bless!
Greetings -

Wow! This is something else.

In particular, I'm affected because of a reason that I cannot currently reveal...

Thank you so much for sharing this. Certainly, people will be helped by what you've expressed here.
Wow this grabbed me right away. I never would have guessed it was based on a true story but then why did I never guess. There is evil in this world and it can hide under the guise of a godly person. You did a great job with using the topic in a fresh and motivating way.
Wow! I can't imagine this being based on a true story! God must have been grieving as He watched these events happening. I think you did an excellent job in conveying this story to the reader. It kept my interest from the first word. Very good writing!
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