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This entry managed to get "life" and all of its complications, and ups and downs within the scope of 750 words!

I absolutely loved this piece. The MC told and showed what she was facing, and how she was struggling with the current scenario of "life." Touching, and beautiful.

My heart was aching for the MC. But, I loved how Jesus' words refreshed her soul penetrating her heart,and giving her "rest" and peace.

Also loved how the grandchild "wanted to play" - showing how life goes on.

Loved it. Thank you!

God Bless~
I loved this. Our society hides from the thought of death, and I love it when an author is brave enough to tackle this very real, and poignant event.

My only comment is to consider your adverbs. You have a lot of them. Read some of your favorite writings and see how adverbs are used in them. If you want my two cents on adverbs I'd be glad to give it through PM, but you might not, so I'll refrain here.

Your overall message is clear, and wonderful. I loved this line: “Honey, sometimes life gets so heavy that the rest we need is deeper than physical, and only Jesus can give it.”

And the ending was perfect. I loved how you didn't end the story with the MC accepting Christ, but with life moving on, in all its broken beauty.

Such a beautiful story of the many facets of life that can bring us such weariness.

Really enjoyed this read, thank you for sharing.
This is a beautiful touching story. It does seem that tragedy rains down in groups doesn't it? You portrayed the pain, the grief, the uncertainty and the hope beautifully.
When fatigue takes the toll, physical and spiritual rest is necessary. Pray therefore that God grants us the strength in times like these to be renewed and refreshed to carry on. Thank you for sharing this nicely written piece. God bless.
You traveled so many places emotionally in this piece and did so with such finese and skill. There is such depth in the pain that is being felt by the MC and yet, the tea party with her granddaughter at the end just paints this rainbow of hope that leaves you smiling.

What a wonderful journey you provided, thank you!
Truly love this entry. I could sense the MC's weariness and struggle with all that life was handing her at the moment. Great job expressing all the emotions in this story. Well written. God bless!
There is so much in your story; her mother's cancer, her other trials with her children, her sweet Aunt Corry who knew just what to do, and the love of Jesus as shown through Scripture. I found this entry a delight to read. Excellent writing!