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This was insightful and thought provoking. Valuable information and lessons to be learned here. I enjoyed it, and appreciate the sentiments, and the scriptures.

Thank you so much.

God BLess~
Hmmmmmmm. As a mother of three daughters, I can share the MC's feelings and frustrations. This was like a wonderful taste of what God really wants us to do with the heartbreak and pain we walk through in life.

"Break my heart for what breaks yours" what a powerful moment in this writing.

I enjoyed this to pieces! Love this, love this, truly love this.
This is practical and yet devotional at the same time. I enjoyed it very much. Thanks for the insight.
What a great devotional! Well-written and entertaining, but filled with scripture and insight. Thank you for sharing this!
This is a great devotion. I liked how you shared a personal story first. I can so relate. I have a chronic illness and there are everyday household chores that should get done however by the time I get done picking up after others I'm too exhausted to do what really needs doing. Your message pulled me back and made me remember what is really important.
I like the way you put across the message comparing the heartaches between God and as a parent. Your story brings out the feelings and the clear understanding how too often we have been a pain to God in our disobedience and lack of participation. Thanks for sharing this. Excellent piece!
I really enjoyed this, mostly because I've gone through seasons when an adult child returns home and I've experienced that "failure to comply and help." Not sure why they do that!! LOL Well written. I love all the scripture. Thanks for sharing. God bless!
Wow! Wow! and once again ... Wow! I found your insight from the situaton with your daughter to the revelation of God's heart with us completely anointed and awesome! What a view of His patience with us. Outstanding. Thank you so much.

This was so well written and flowed so nicely, feeding the reader each step of the way.
Congratulations for placing 6th in level 3!