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Clever name for your MC. Sad beginning, for sure, but the ending is one I would like to see in every school in the world. Down with bullies and up with Jesus freaks to love them out of their own torment.
A great story about such a current awareness in schools today. Our pastor friends' daughter started a campaign called The Bullying Ends Now when she was just 13. She now 15 and speaks in churches and schools all over. By the way, she's one of the pretty, popular girls but is sold out to Jesus. Your entry is well written and a great take on the topic. God bless!
I certainly can relate to this as I just recently wrote about my own experience with bullying.

Great job, well written, and thank you for sharing this beautiful story with all of us.

God bless you~
Good story, I liked that the MC was able to truly stand tall in Jesus' strength to see through the weaknesses of the bullies that surrounded her.

Nice job.
Classic, absolutely a classic. Loved the ending, but especially loved the confidence the MC found in Christ. Well done.
An interesting read. I enjoyed this piece very much. Great plot and nice ending. Well done!
This is a great description of what high school can be like for so many people. You did a nice job with this.

I think the word limit limited your end a bit. It felt abrupt and was wrapped up too quickly.

The message is wonderful. God can give the strength to stand up, not just for ourselves but for others as well.
Great job with on this week's topic. I really enjoyed the development of the MC as she walked inher new faith in Christ. I totally loved the resolution of her with her chief bully and that they are friends today.

Nice work!