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This was a great read! I bet many people can relate to that extra stress during the holidays. When I was a kid, we had big dinners and took turns on both sides of the family too. Now that I'm grown with my own kids, my extended family has gotten quite small and I miss the big gatherings. You did a nice job with this piece.
Oh I enjoyed this story. It revealed all the complexities of big family gatherings, and it was done with a light hearted appeal.

Growing up with a big family my aunts and uncles and grandparents were always at our holiday table, I personally appreciated this. It made me long for the "good old days."

Thanks for this.

God Bless~
Wow! I certainly can relate with the big family chaos at holidays (but not the bickering, thankfully we don't bicker like that). A good read and well written. God bless!
A fun story! I like that you ended it with the couple laughing together.
This was such a fun read! I found myself smiling pretty much all the way through. Great job with the characters and the dialogue.
Congratulations for ranking 9th in level three!