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A beautiful and poignant story. To all of the teachers in this world who contribute to a child's overall development and confidence...God Bless them all.

A good teacher makes all the difference in the world. I loved this story. Thank you.

God bless~

Thank you for this inspiring story!
YaY!!! I want to stand up and cheer for this SPECIAL teacher! Great story, great message.
Powerful story! Oh, if only more teachers would actually do this. Great job!
You've demonstrated well the meaning of "teacher."
Great job! It made me tear up thinking how many kids never go through life thinking they've never achieved anything because that's what they've been told. Love this one, Allison!
VeggieTales reference! :D

Awesome story. We should have more teachers like that who are willing to truly help the students. (And I share your thoughts on those silly achievement tests. ;) )
I'm clapping for the teacher in this entry and for all teachers who go the extra mile on a daily basis. I, too think these tests are a waste of time, money and energy. Good teachers are in tune to their students potential and achievements.
I KNOW it's like this - you told a compelling, real-life story here, Alison. Good stuff, my friend!
You are a creative ranter. So well illustrated, the point about standardized testing. Your MC showed the best of the best. Well done.
I like this teacher. A lot. I like the message. A lot. I like your story. A lot.

Great job, Allison :-)
This is an excellent entry for so many reasons. First, its right on topic. Second, its relevant to so many people who struggle. Third, it has a ring of truth about it. Fourth, it is uplifting. Fifth, it is well written and held my interest right to the end.

Keep writing whoever you are!!!