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Some vivid descriptions in this piece. Well told.
Amazing imagery! This story was just incredible. Well done.
This story is super!
Superb writing, touching and heart warming.
Amazing writing. I want to read more of this story!
Amazing, Brilliant, Beyond the capabilities of this challenge; this is a professional work; it is Poe or Beckett come to our boards.
This is really neat--right with the title, and worthy of reading the second time. God bless ya, littlelight
The story of salvation wrapped in a package no one can resist! Wonderful!
Amazing. What more can I say? Absolutely, stunningly amazing.
You've already heard it all before, so I give you my hearty handshake on a job well done! A mighty piece here, Maxx, I must say!
Well Max, I dunno about Poe, as he has lots of words in his stories I don't understand, but this was great! :)
Descriptive, beautifully written work.
very well done -loved the contrast between the gargoyle and the lady.
Ooh! How truly Gothic. I loved it! "More, More!" they cried. A wonderful piece of writing. I could feel his anguish and pain:)
Hi Maxx, I'm just popping in to let you know that you were in what would have been the semi-finals in the old format. You ranked 26th out of 147 entries - so well done!Love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator)
ok, the depth of this story may have flown over my head, but let me give it a try. ok, the gorgoyle represents sin and the beautiful woman who cleanses him and accepts him is either Jesus or the church? me don't know. You too good. LOL. Very beautiful piece. There seemed to be something different in style or make of this one than the other masterpieces you create. What it is, I'm not sure. Maybe there's so much peace that floods this story. The rain was used beautifully throughout. You made me want to step inside the home and feel that warmth and acceptance that the woman radiated. Oh and I agree with what Dub said!