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Great story, and it held a special meaning for me. The Pastor at our church was just speaking about this on Sunday!

So many people in todays economic crisis have failed to meet their obligation to the Lord.

He will bless those who bless Him. Nicely written and nicely done.

God Bless~
Nice take on topic and a great message for us all. Love the title.
Thanks for sharing.
This is a good story and a great lesson. I enjoyed the characters.

The only complaint I have is you tied it up into a bow too quickly. I think the ending would have had more punch had it ended with the couple having faith. I questioned why a company would fire him then offer him a promotion the same day.

This reminds me of the wisdom of my son. He was talking about something that would cost a lot but it was a retreat that he felt God wanted him to attend. When I worried about the cost , his answer was, "It's not my money, Mom, it's God's." He taught me a lesson that day. Thanks for reminding me of it.
Great message! My favorite line was in response to the wife saying "We have bills" where he says ... "We MADE bills." There is so much wisdom and teaching in that single comment.

Wonderful piece of writing!
A timely story reminding us what belongs to us and what belongs to God! It is easy to neglect God's portion during economic slim times like today, but God is always faithful. I loved Hiram's comment from this story: We made the bills! So often we get ourselves into a mess and then get mad at God for it! Good job-well written! God bless!
Congratulations for ranking 12th in level 3!