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Ah Gino - Glenn, it does my heart good to see you eating peas!

Oh, loed the story by the wy - too funny - loved all the personal references to the boards!
Very simple and effective story with pleny of humour to keep me interested. I don't like to think of myself as one of those "not doing" the things I siad I would do - but, guilty as charged. The ending reminded me of the grace of God.
Did you enjoy the peas from Mallorini's garden? Glad to see you're eating those veggies! Thanks for the morning laugh! :)
Really great story, reminiscent of Terry Pratchett. Good job!
Oh so much fun!! And it was great, even being so silly! Grinning from ear to ear. Hope you make it in the book.
Hmmm....This anonymous entry thing is really bogging me down. Does anyone know who might have written this witty yet blatantly disobedient tale of woe?
Gino Hascalette? The name sounds really familar.
A great parable with well written humor to describe the consequences received by this disobedient son and servant. I loved it. Keep writing.
Of course this adorable story seems thinly veiled (wouldn't it be funny if it is NOT Glenn?) The thing that threw me out of the chair in helpless laughter was "the DANCE OF ANGER". Seems like I have seen some of those...had some too. :0) Well done,oh semi-masked one! ~L~
No one shall know your true identity (yeah right!) Glenn, I loved this. It was fun, but had a very good message too. Congratulations on your 6th Place win in the Editors' Choice, and 2nd Place in the Level 3 Champion Challenge. Well done. Love, Deb
man i loved this story! im cracking up. good job!
Excellent writing. I enjoyed it, immensely. If you meant it to be humorous, as others have seen it, I missed that part, but it was a great read. Congratulations!