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This was a different but interesting read. I'm not entirely sure that the topic was pivotal to the story line. I liked your message. My husband is a computer geek and I often ask him what does blank mean? This part made me giggle.
I too had to laugh at the computer "language" son is a computer programmer and he will often spout out terms I can't understand! I love the way you wrote a wonderful devotional around the topic...what a wonderful thought, getting a download of mercy and grace! Enjoyed this!
There is a great deal of excellent information here, but in my opinion the topic of the week is not the central theme or focus; although I see wonderful morsels of metaphors, especially in the final paragraph. It's and its are common errors. In this piece, I think you meant the latter. Also, I often make the mistake of thinking that a word that implies many has to be plural, but... "There is a host..."

In the Start Well and Satisfying Conclusion category, I felt somewhat of a disconnect between your opening sentence and the conclusion, but I could be wrong.:-)

Your devotional has many encouraging thoughts for the reader, and that's always appropriate!
I truly enjoyed this well written piece. It was creative and filled with a powerful message. Thanks. God Bless you~