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Intense. Great descriptions and a good messege.
Wow. Well done!
Excellent! Well written; suspensful; revelation!
I loved the intensity! And a very real ending. Great job!
Very good! I think intensity is a good description of this piece for sure!
Yikes. Masterfully written, indeed. I find myself wanting to pray for this person! This isn't hearts and flowers, but it's heart-wrenchingly real, and beautiful in its effectiveness. I'll be reading this one several more times.
Yes, intense. Very descriptive--I actually feel like I need to get a towel to dry off! and you drove the point home.
It's been said, but--intense! :) Your descriptiveness and way of showing her agony with the Lord's on the cross is riveting.
Wow, JC, you outdid yourself here. This is AMAZING! That last sentence sent shivers down my spine. GREAT job!
(applause...applause...clapping and cheering) this is a really good piece, and at the risk of being redundant INTENSE!!!!
What suspense! I loved it. I had to keep reading until the last word had sunk into my brain. Well done:)
WOW! this is very powerful. Wouldn't be surprised to see this in the winning ranks this week
The intensity of this piece . . .
Powerful. Very very powerful. And very beautiful. I know the feeling.
A great contender. Excellent visuals. SInce it's so strong let me point out that there were a lot of passive "ing" words. Could be tightened up with direct action. But aside from that I'd be clearing a spance on the mantle! :-)