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There is lots going on here. Mystery and intrigue. I like how the man got scared and ran. Haha:)
This was well written with lots of mystery in it. I am left with several questions at the end however. But you certainly had me hooked. I could picture the whole story as it played out.
Talk about losing the plot! It was almost tomb much to take in, but I loved the way you've built the story, even though I wondered if you had 'undertaken' a big task.
Well done.

I felt the story was well told, with a lot of issues going on at once, which is in line with the topic at hand. Good job. God Bless~
I felt left at a complete loss of the connection of all the characters here! If Jim and his family owned the cemetery and it was private, what was Mena doing there and if her grandfather was buried there, what was her connection or relation to Jim and his family?

This story of different people coming to the cemetery at the same time, unaware of the other, was fascinating and intriguing but by the end I felt I was missing more of the plot than I seemed to be getting - like I too was lost in the fog of the story! Possibly because of the word limit constraints more information was not given but I was frustrated because I wanted more of this story!