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A+ for creative whimsy. I especially liked the part about throwing away the story the hand wrote. One suggestion: think about re-working the ending so it is more climactic… needs a surprise twist, so you end on a high note rather than just abruptly. You did a good job of describing what the disembodied hand could and could not do. Work with that more. Fun story.
I agree with the above comment. This was very creative and written in a way that held my interest and curiosity in wondering what was going to be the outcome of the detached hand. But then in the last paragraph it sort of tapered off rather than having a surprise punch line. However very original and appropriate for the topic. Well done!
This made me laugh out loud (I don't do abbreviations like LOL!), and wANTED to "give you a hand" at the end.

I agree with the other comments. The ending is a bit abrupt; the story needs a stronger punch line at the end. Perhaps you should put the hand in a boxing glove to achieve this!

Sorry. I couldn't resist that.