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Very nice- a positive view of weight loss and healthy eating. We DO need spiritual feeding along with the bodily feeding.
Great story! I enjoyed it! ;-)
I loved this. It is just like God to take a painful past and trials and use them for encouraging others in the future. There is such a difference too in the motivation (spite vs. living righteously) behind improvement. Great.
I loved the way you brought out the Fruit of the Spirit and linked a healthy spiritual life with a healthy physical life. Extremely creative and enjoyable and well written. Keep writing.
What an inspirational story. If FW doesn't pick it up, get it published a teen magazine. It'd be awesome for any teen to read. You've got a great, moving action story with a great self-help type message. If you don't get this out there... I'll have to throw menial threats in your direction :D
I agree - some sort of teen's publication would do well to publish this. Well done!
Very motivational and inspirational.
This is such a powerful story and such a topical issue for families and education. You portrayed Aphia's emotions strongly. I liked how you concluded her journey too!
Great character development - I could really feel her pain. Well done!
You made my heart ache for Aphia! What a story of hope, determination, and success!
I had friends in high school who were overweight and had to bear up under the scrutiny of others. I only hope that now they have found the Lord as I have so they can find true peace in their lives. Thanks for sharing. I felt Aphia's pain keenly.