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Hehehe Oh, this is great. I like this. I love the line about "arriving dead at our destination rather defeats the purpose of our trip." Nice humor.
Great characterisation, though maybe it should, carry a warning - about only taking one trip at a time???
Thanks for an enjoyable read.
Hahahahahaha..Loved this story, it was an honest good fun read, and spot on with the topic.

My favorite part:
"As a thank-you present, the kids gave me a pair of old horse blinders they had found--to hang on our rearview mirror as a reminder that the prettiest girl around is my wife."

Thanks for the laughs. God Bless~
Such a fun read! You'd better keep your eyes off attractive young women or keep your blinders on! Enjoyed the read and laugh!
This story was so good...I am glad to see that it earned you a well deserved win. It was one of my favorites. God Bless you~
I had this king-sized grin on my face at the end of this, and a good dose of giggles in between! Very well done! I guess boys will be boys no matter their age, and may want to take that second look at girls. Gramps learnt the hard way that the prettiest girl around was his already! Nicely done. Congrats on your win.