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Spiders are definitely not “a silly little thing” in my book either!! I am terrified of them and I could not even read this without shivering and my skin crawling - the spider in the story sounded as bad as a Tarantula! My husband KNOWS my ado about a spider is definitely not nothing!!!! LOL This story was maybe too well told for the reaction it roused in me! LOL
Great visuals! I felt like I was right there...jumping around like your MC. Good job! God bless!
An interesting read!
Yup, those huntsman spiders surely have a monopoly on silent ugly. Well-told story, and one which this Aussie reader can identify with, as we have industrial-strength spiders down here. Some of them even eat birds!
Oh, I can so relate to your incident-I think that's why it was so comical. Well written. I have always seemed to be in the wrong place, at the wrong time-either under or beside an eight legged monstrous creature! (Shaking at the thought!) :)