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Chilling what goes on behind the closed doors of business. Well-written story. Glad the MC has the encounter with the second handout. Would love to know what was in that one.
Awesome and dramatic story of how God works through and because of even negative actions. Your MC (sounds true enough to have really happened, by the way) discovered what really matters in life. Even though his heart had been ready to do the right thing, fear won out, but God overcame it all in the end. I'd like to read the "real" ending and see the mercy of God extended to him even through the legal system.
I like the hint of mystery - what WAS in that handout? - and how the topic did a 180 in the 2nd half. Great job!
Great story for the topic! One handout ruined his life ... another helped to save it. Perfect title!

I noticed one little spot that I think you meant to be "caused" but it came out as "cased." i.e. "... all the trouble that one handout cased." You've probably already spotted it though. :)

Again, awesome job! I too, am intrigued at just what was in that company handout ...
I loved your mastery of communicating so much in such a short story. The title was perfect and I too would love to know "the rest of the story!" Thank you for sharing!
Good story about regrets and very much on topic. Great how so many come to God whilst in prison. A minister who preaches occasionally at our church came to Christ in prison. He used thin paged Bible leafs to roll his cigs and one day got to reading it - you can guess the rest!
Creative take for the Handout topic...I liked this very much. I entered the challenge this week, for the first, i am learning much from entries like this, besides enjoying the read. Thank you!
Congratulations in placing 9th in level 4 and 17th overall.