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Nice voice; calm, stately, focused. You made me listen. Well done.
I liked how this flowed. I read it a second time outloud which made it even more fun. Good humor too. I do remember Grandma and how every Monday was her "warsh day".
Who knew laundry could be so lyrical? I liked it.
hmmmm... interesting perspective! (I do laundry on Mondays, and I'll think of this when I do.)
Great imagery and nice flow to the words. It's a clever take on the topic and a very enjoyable read.
I like the common everydayness of this metaphor for life. This poem has a nice rhythm -- confession and absolution, the folding of the weekly laundry, the unfolding of the week, the need to repeat the task to keep things clean. Nice!
I like this! It has a very homey feel.
Great rhythm to this and a real 'memory-stirrer'. Could almost smell the steamy boiling copper and hear the creak of the mangle! Lovely writing.
Your voice was soothing and stately - well done! Great creativity for this topic!
I love these old-fashioned pieces. Yours was as soothing as comfort food on a winter's day. Yeah, I liked it!
This piece brought me back to my childhood. I don't think anything smells better than line-dried laundry.
Well done, Jim. You're on a streak. I liked your entry from the start. Very glad to see your EC. Is well deserved.
Your voice is so soothing here. It was like sheets billowing in a soft summer wind.
Great job, Jim and congratulations once again.