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Delightful! Strangling with tightly woven knit...funny. Thoroughly enjoyable!
I love so many things about this story, but, most of all,I love the voice. I laughed out loud at one line. This is one of my favorites.
I smiled at all the confining things Sadie brought to Corbin's life (the picket fence, the trim around the bedroom ceiling, and the sweater). :) Your contrast and comparison between Corbin and the snowshoe hare are great! …and the description of Zara made me LOL! Your opening sentence (in retrospect) is perfect!
I love the fun conflict with this couple. I also really like how everything ends up the wife's fault. Hilarious entry.
I loved the title, Real Men Don't Wear Turtlenecks. I loved the humor and cleverness of the story. The turtleneck reminded me of the sweater I got one Christmas.
I was annoyed by the end of the story. I guess that's good, because you made me feel for the MC. Neal the knucklehead. *I spit on the ground*. Yep, irritated. :)
It's good to be flexible - even about being flexible. Good, gritty material that's laced with wry humour. Very well done.
Love the dialogue and the humor here. Great ending. (quiet applause)
I love your dry humor. Makes me smile every time. Wonderful story!
The title is true and the story was rifled with enjoyable dry humor and wit. I think he handled his hunting partner better than I would have. Nice analogy with the rabbit too. Great story.
An entertaining read. There was more than one fool hunting that day though -- whiskey stays in the camp, even on the coldest of days.
Hehehe Cute.

I got confused about why he shot the distress signal... But maybe that was the whole point. That it wasn't a distress signal.

Poor guy... Hope he mends quickly. ;) Nice job.
Wonderful sense of humor, wonderful story. Your MC may be inflexible, but he's definitely got a point... especially after what he went through with the hapless Neal. (And my husband wouldn't wear a turtleneck, either... :) Loved this!
I enjoyed your comical fun piece. At least she knew what to buy him - my wife says it's so difficult to buy an unusual present for a man.
Ah, stubborn man. Flexible enough to go hunting with a newbie but absolutely draws the line at trying on that sweater! Very true to life in a kind and humorous way.
I liked the names Zara & Corbin. I was glad that, though the cold made Corbin consider the turtleneck for a moment, you didn't take the sentimental route of causing him to become flexible about it. A couple of grammar checks would be "the six shot that he answered" & "I swore, asked him derisively." An enjoyable adventure!
Oh, I love this! What a delight to read. Congratulations on placing 7th in Masters and 11th Overall!