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Real cute. I love the next to the last stanza-God's palette of paints.
I love your opening alliteration, "With weary Winter's…" "Lady Springtime" is beautiful poetry! Your meter is so perfect and I love your images!
If spring were a person, it would definitely be a lady. This is a personification.
I loved this. I could read it silently, outloud, or even sing it and it is brilliant each time. Very beautiful, love your voice. It is always full of the love you have for your subject. Standing ovation!
I forgot for a second we're in the dead of winter. Brrr. Nice poem. I can't wait til Lady Springtime waltzes back into the land!
I like this. Great job with the rhyme and meter. I especially love the last lines.
I feel so much better now that you've reminded me of the hope that Spring brings. Great rhythm in this piece. Good job!
Absolutely beautiful, as always. A word artist at work!
I always love reading your beautiful poems. A wonderful poem for those cold winter nights when one longs for the return of "Lady Springtime." Loved it!
Lovely, lyrical and lilting. Excellent!
beautiful. that about sums it up.
Absolutely lovely!
Ah, what lovely imagery!
This is lovely. It reminded me of something that could have been written 100 years ago or more. It was just so peaceful and sweet.
Just wonderful. I relate to your poetry style and love every line written in this one.
Very special.
Beautiful! This flows very well, and the imagery is excellent!
Congratulations for placing in the top 30 overall!