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You've combined the reality of how powerless we are against natural forces with the availability of God's grace for us and through us to others. Our prayers are with you.
What an absolutely gripping story! It was like listening to a TV newsman reporting while standing on the site. Sadly, it was true in many locations and our hearts go out to those caught up in nature's fury.
Good job at making the situation down there realistic. Glad it only happens once in a blue moon! Was a little distracted by quite a few punctuation errors and a typo (email me if you want specifics), but otherwise good story. Will be praying for the people who are going through this in real life.
great descriptive writing :-) as i comment it seems there have also been massive and destructive floods in Brazil as well.Thank you for bringing the pictures we see to life.
Im glad the family in your piece only lost a bike and kept their lives.
Thank you for writing this. It helps make a tragedy far removed from here (in physical distance) seem much more personal. I have been praying, and will continue to pray, for those affected.
Thanks for sharing with us what is happening in Australia and other countries right now. You have a natural way with words. I enjoyed reading this.
I've seen news stories about the floods, but your story brings the reality of it home with powerful force. Thoughts and prayers for all those affected by this disaster.
This well-written story brings out the reality many are facing and comes alive at a time when much prayer is needed. Our hearts come together and go out to the homeless as we seek God for His mercy and providence to all who suffer more than just damages.
This was so very well done, it brought the emotions alive in me. My pulse rose, and I was so IN the story I expected to feel wet feet! Great writing.
I was thinking before I read your author's note that this could be coming straight from the news in Austrailia. Very exciting entry with lessons on priorities and how quick floods of any kind can come. I enjoyed this. And I have been and will continue to pray.
This is one of your best stories, Chrissy. It is well written throughout.
You captured the tension of the setting very well. Your story is a timely reminder to us all of the challenges faced by the millions of people around the world who are affected by natural disasters. A good opportunity for us to pray, in particular for the people of Queensland and their struggles right now.

So, in short, I really liked it! Found the weight of adjectives in the first para a bit distracting though, if I am being really honest. But it's a small point.

God bless.
Prayers going out to the families affected by these storms and you've done a great job drawing attention to it in a personal way.
You've taken what we would consider "just another news event" here in the USA and made it real to us. We now are much more aware of your pain and the agony of those effected by this tragedy. I, for one, will continue to pray. Thanks for sharing.
Fantasticaly well-written, and strongly moving piece.
I found myself right in the middle of the storm - and thankful not to be. Good job on this piece.
The suspense in this was so intense. You did an outstanding job with the details and realists characters. The last line was a punch in my stomach as I realizedl you were described the flooding that is happening now in Australia. It was a great reminder to pray for those caught in the flood.