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So they didn't blow it up - they 'satellite' to it instead.(groan.) You've personified the conflicting views and the research in a very credible style. You also reminded me of all the panic that erupted over the alleged "Jupiter Effect" as 1982 or 1983 approached, when the planets were to form a line out from the sun, and the combined gravitational pull was going to destroy everything. I don't know about everyone else, but you and I are still here...
Really interesting twist on the topic. I enjoyed reading it!
woooo I found this quite scarey reading :-) i wanted to know how it would unfold and sensed the rising panic.....
i am glad it is fiction not fact
Very creative take on the topice and very well written.Thanks for sharing.
Creative title. I found it hard to determine a central theme, and that, perhaps, made your conclusion somewhat bland.
I've got to admit, you have one wild and crazy imagination which worked overtime on this. And I say that in a good did a good job of thinking way outside the box. Uniquely entertaining.
I enjoyed this. I remember a couple of dates in my Childhood where the end ofworld was suppose rto occur on such and such days. I had terrible panic attacks until my mom reminded-me that Jesus will always be near.