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Cute story. Could make a good kids story.The writing was excellent but this weeks topic was in there but only just. I felt it was more about the spiders. The story could have worked just as well had she ran out of the house (something any woman with spiders crawling over them at night would do) and straight to a pest control place.
Oh my, creepy crawlies. Sort of an eerie take on "Charlotte's Web." Quite descriptive, I could feel the spiders crawling up my arm. I'll be swatting at who knows what in my sleep tonight. What an ending.
I love a good spider story. You sprinkled humor throughout. There were places I felt a bit lost but overall it left me chuckling. I've never really been afraid of spiders and tend to enjoy their company but then I'm a tad wacky.
Different and well written. I was puzzled to begin with but had to read on when I realised who/what Charlotte was to make sure she was exterminated. I'm petrified of spiders!