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This is great. Once again the story stands alone but is also exciting for those following the series. I can't wait to see what you do next!
I like the story line and all the planted "clues." I wanted a little better resolution but, if this is part of a larger body of work, it works well. I will look forward to reading the next chapter if that's the case.
This is very interesting. Not sure I understood exactly what happened at the end. But if it's a cliffhanger leading to another chapter, it sure is suspenseful.
I can identify with the computer elements frustrations! Great job on the story.
I'm continuing to enjoy immensely following this story, as you deliver one tiny detail of the secret after another.
Suspicions made this plot grow stronger. Good job! :)
Just caught up on all the enstalments. I want them to meet already! hehe.
Once again, you delivered an entertaining, suspenseful story. It just gets gooder and gooder. It's fun wondering how you're gonna fit this week's challenge into the story. Well done!
Okay, I'm dying here, gotta get going to the next one and btw....absolutely great job using a difficult topic!