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What a good reminder on the importance of keeping our own thought lives and imaginations in check. Great story!
This is a winner. From beginning to end it is so believable. Excellent.
This outstanding story conveys a message worth heeding. Well done.
You did a great job in showing how impressions can be so wrong. You really drew me into the story and I felt like I was sitting in the back of the church.
My first wow so far. Excellent job. This was the topic personified. Enjoyed the story very much. Also a nice smooth writing style made it very easy to read, follow and understand. You ministered your point without a shadow of a doubt. Well done.
I really enjoyed this story with its all-too-valuable lesson about jumping to conclusions! Excellent job, Connie!
Believable and engaging. Good job.
I thought that you handled the change of scene really well. A clearly different setting with a whole new set of things to be discovered
The element of surprise always makes a good story. I had an almost visceral response when I read about Jim's relationship. Except for one small area of awkward phrasing, well done
I like how you released your MC from all those lies. I also loved the ending. You've written a great story. Good job!
I love and hate how real this story is. How often people build assumptions about others without taking time to understand the real person within. Great work!