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I like the way you presented this. Well done.
You did a great job with a nice rhyme and a flowing meter.
I'm always thrilled when I come upon a poem in the challenge entries, and yours is no exception.

The words flowed by like a pleasant stream. Loved it.
This line speaks volumes:

Hidden treasures
To draw upon,
An ounce of “pro”, a pound of “con”.

Gossip rarely spins the positive side of anything. Great job!

I liked your format and how the words flowed. The format and flow complimented each other. Beautifully done with a powerful message.
Some real gems of lines in here. Loved it!
As usual, your entry is a gem! Beautiful, artful--you put a poem together better than anyone I know, and I look forward to reading yours every time. I enjoy the message, of course, but your style stirs me as well.
I loved this line,

"Though camouflaged
As prayer requests,
Gossip's often still addressed."

That happens a lot in church. I'm glad you picked up on it. Great job!
Each verse holds a gem. My favorite is: "Churning Up Discontent Left to ripen and ferment" is such a word picture of stench that comes from "Carelss Words". Great job in writing this, Carol!
Wow! This is perfect for the topic! You did an amazing job with capturing the essence of gossip and rumors. The Bible verse at the end wraps it up very nicely.

Definitely a gem! :)
Wonderful! This line was my favorite among so many - I'll say it too - gems!

An ounce of “pro”, a pound of “con”.

Love it!
So very well done! Loved the cadence and the message was excellently conveyed
Congratulations, Carol. The content and the form on this one make it a special piece.
Congratulations on an excellent poem--highly commended--for sure!
Congratulations for your high ranking!
Some great lines. Super talent. Loved the creative approach and the message. Congrats also on placement!
Congratulations, Friend! This is wonderful poetry, right down to your selection of words. I can just chew on each one. My favorite lines:
Such busy bees
Collecting nectar
To spread throughout the public sector.