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Thus grabbed my attention from the very beginning. There was an air of mystery around it the whole time. Nice job with a satisfying ending.
Oh boy. The Lord certainly works in mysterious ways. Creative and edgy presentation here. Very gripping.
This is a neat story. I'm not so sure about Jesus being portrayed as a fortune teller, but He does know our past, present, and future better than anyone else. I really like the ending where the MC was healed and set from his sins ... and was on his way home. :)
This was very interesting. I liked how you presented the story, and the healing that came from the conversation.

I did have a hard time reconciling your MCs "this will be fun" comment with his not wanting to go into the tent in the next paragraph. Still, I enjoyed this very much. Thank you for a good read.
This was a well-written, well-crafted story. I also had trouble with the Jesus-being-a-fortune-teller-thing but was thoroughly blessed with how it turned out.
Very atmospheric and tense--well done!

I wonder if it'd sit more easily with people if you broadened it into allegory, with an empahsis on the carnival's atmosphere and the fortune-teller being symbolic of Jesus rather than Jesus himself.

You wrote your main character well, and I enjoyed reading this story.
Congratulations for placing 6th in level 3 and 15th overall!