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What a strong statement - "...just because you have no words doesn't mean you don't have something to say." (may not be exact quote but close) This is a sweet story between momma and son. In his own dear way, he did say, "I love you." Well done.
I might ask, "How is your day?" Now I know! How precious is the exchange between you and your Andy, then the rebound to God. That makes three! Wonderful story, well presented. Blessings :)
This is an endearing story of a mother and son and their love. You did a great job. Autism isn't something everyone can understand but your story will go a long way in educating others. Nice job!
So beautifully done! Very descriptive; the words were absolutely artistic. You took me right there into those rooms where love lives. Thank you.
Beautiful! I know that you understand that I understand this all too well. Autism is a curse, but the older my Ben gets, the more I see some of the blessings of it, too. Remember, my dear friend, that Andrew's autism has more to do with God's plan for YOUR life than his. God makes no mistakes. But yet, I identify with your hurt all to well. I was just telling a friend last night that one thing I am anticipating about Heaven is seeing Ben run from one end to the other w/o falling and for the first time, being able to hold a deep conversation with him, where his eyes aren't darting every place but my direction and I get more than a terse, "yes" or "no" respsonse. I think you and I are going to be two very happy mamas when we cross the Great Divide!

Good writing - you expressed your mother's heart so well here.
This is so real and touching. God must give such mothers "special ears" to hear this speechless significance. Great writing.
Straight from a mother's heart, and whether fiction or not, it captures the mother's emotional turmoil beautifully.

I wondered about this sentence:

Slam! My hand meets your chest once more.

Were the pronouns mixed up? And the first half had a very choppy pace, with its very short paragraphs. Not sure if that was intentional.

I could definitely picture this whole scene, and my heart went out to both characters. Excellent.

This is so touching and tender a window into a mother's heart. Your words speak volumes of love and acceptance and yes, joy in our infirmities.
Very interesting take on the topic. Communicating when communicating if almost impossible. Thanks for helping us understand the difficulties in such circumstances.