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This is definitely a thought-provoking piece. I'm sure there are Many of us who look into a mirror and have so many questions and answers for ourselves. I like how your piece got me to explore my thoughts.
Thought-provoking, for sure. I read it three times...not because I didn't understand it but because each time I discovered another layer of truth about myself. How do I perceive myself through those shattered events of my life? That's why I desperately need Christ and His view of who I truly am.
Compelling and multi-layered. A common trash can, I noticed, from which two lives must reassemble pieces.
I liked the thought processes and the poetic imagery. A very "reflective" and positive challenge
Definitely a piece I had to read over and again, more out of want than need.

Deep and beautifully poetic phrasing.

"Your incoherence concerned me..." Was that ironic sarcasm? Whatever it was, it was fabulous and I loved it.

And the layers. Loved the layers.
I too had to reread this out of pure awe. The self piercing reflections to the reader are genius!
Lyrical and melancholy in mood, with some lovely phrases.

It left me feeling a bit empty--perhaps your intention? And I'm not sure the pun in the title works for such a moody piece.

You did a great job with atmosphere--really nice writing.
I love this. Usually though an event smashes our reflection and we are forced to look at ourselves in disarray. I admire this MC for doing it himself. The only wonder would be why did he do it, but then, its nobody's business, and that's the beauty and strength of this piece to me. A very honest entry, which at times are hard to understand by readers. The MC didn't even understand himself, just that he needed rearranging. Sometimes the beauty is just going along for the ride. Thanks for sharing. Great talent.