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I had an emotional response to this story as I believe we ought to have on the subject of feelings. When my daughter was young, her older brother told her she was not to cry or show her feelings. I found out about this one day when I accidentally found something she wrote and read it. Boy, did I cry. It's a terrible thing to tell someone they're not allowed to express their feelings. This story was so well written. God bless you.
LOVED the very first sentence (a masterful beginning, which set the tone for the entire piece). I read this fully engaged with feeling, even crying a little, but it was the feeling of my heart tugging that I felt the most.

My goodness--imagine what an amazing thing for a child to hear, 'today I'm going to be different, from now on you will be hugged, loved, and kissed by me.' I think EVERY child wants to hear this. ugh! makes me want to cry again.

The journey of your life through troubled waters into a calm sea brought the reader on board with you. Definitely on topic and well written.
I liked your title and the message of your story. God made us with these feelings and need for love. Wonderful ending and "change of addrss."
I think it was okay you let your eldest daughter dance, since it wasn't mixed dancing. ;) Nice job!
I can't imagine not hugging and saying I love you. My grandmother was brought up that way too. It took a lot of I lobes you but it was worth it the day she said it back to me.
I could feel the progression of emotion. The beginning was straight forward and then I could feel the build-up of the MC's own feelings. Well-written.
This is a wonderfully crafted story. Well done! Congratulations on your EC!
Your "story" still blows me away. I'm so glad you found freedom in Christ. Congrats on your EC!
Congratulations on your win. I'm not surprised--this piece was magnificent!
Joy, what a powerful story. I love your ending. Congratulations on your editor's choice award!
It is easy to see why this placed so highly this week. The sincerity of the work breathed through every word. Congratulations on many levels, not for just placing (which is deserved) but for using your gift for telling stories that otherwise would never have been told.
Congratulations. What a powerful, emotional story with a wonderful ending!
Congratulations, Joy! Great job on this piece. So glad you figured it out while your kids were young. You have an amazing testimony.
I found this piece very good, but also a bit confusing. At first I thought it was set in some Puritan age or something like that, and then the mentions of Jello and text messages really confused me. I would have found it easier if you had put in something to show it is this century right at the start.
You broke my heart with your upbringing and then filled me with your joy in your new life. Congratulations on this well deserved placement!