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Hope faced her fear, calling on God. He was her hope.
This is very good! You use sentence fragments very effectively, to increase the tension and the acceleration of the piece. I only have one problem, and that's with this sentence: "...and her legs scrambled to close the door with a slam... It seems awkward. Overall, an outstanding piece of writing.
This kept me going from start to finish. I liked the imagery!
This was very effective; very suspensful and the short sharp sentances maintained the pace very effectively. An exciting read. God bless.
Felt the suspense in this one... wish I would have known why she was being chased (or did I miss something?)... Liked this one, but had a hard time when you spoke about Hope, and other times spoke as if she was telling the story. I think it would read easier if you used "her" or "she" instead of "Hope did this or that..." Good job. Blessings, Amy Verlennich