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Interesting account of a burn victim's pain beyond the physical healing. I enjoyed the upbeat ending.
This is beautifully done. The virus that invades my body has caused severe nerve damage. On certain areas of my body the lightest tough can have me crashing to the floor writhing in agony. I consider writing about my hyperesthesia, but wasn't sure I could make people understand what it is like. You did an outstanding job of putting a voice to the pain I feel. Thank you for writing about the very thing I couldn't even begin to describe.
This is great. Touch hurts me sometimes, too, but thankfully it's never gotten bad enough for me to shy away from all touch. Great look inside the character's head.
This makes me want to know more about the relationship and how they worked out the difficulties with touch.
It also brings understanding on how touch is painful for some with certain "conditions"... the most basic of human needs can be a painful experience. Very well written.
Wonderful take on the topic. You did such a good job putting us inside Zoe's head.
Excellent story, right on topic and with a great message: God cares about our concerns, and He listens when we ask for help. This sounds like a good beginning for romance with such a wise young man.
A wonderfully insightful look into hidden pain. I like Tristan's "let your gentleness be evident to all" approach. I'd like to know where this leads, but the story stands very nicely on its own.
Very cute and very real. Mental case? No! Great writing and insight? Yes! This belongs!!!!! Cat. You belong! I love your stories. Honest and sincere. That cannot be taught, anywhere. God bless.
OK, leave me hanging! I'll let my imagination take me on from there and trust me, it will also have a "they lived happily ever after" ending. The thing I like best about this entry are the "undertones." Great job, no kidding!
This seems an unusual point of view and that you, yourself, knew that pain.

Great job and right on topic!
Very much on topic. I liked the casual style of writing which made it easy to follow the story.

Did Tristram know about the fire and effect it had on your MC?

I liked the prayer and the reaction to its immediate answer.
Cat, that was very well done. You captured the feelings very well. I hope it places.
Love, Ruth
You kept me reading to the end and hoping your MC would begin to allow internal healing. Mental? Not at all. Just slow to heal.
Talk about...ON TOPIC, nailed it!

What a truly eye opening story to touch the hearts of those who've never endured such a trial. What an encouraging story for others who have and felt so alone in their self consciousness. AND what a great example of a person's love-kindness in dealing with what he didn't understand! Awesome job Cat!
Left me wanting more. Great take on the topic and very well written. Nice job, Cat.