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What a wonderful ministry!
A balance to the 'seedy' side of the topic. I assume this is true, in which case Wow! and God Bless those involved!
I hope this is true. What a wonderful legacy our Saviour left behind.
2nd to last line is great! very good.
This is very, very good, and reads like an article in a Christian magazine. My only issue: did you mean "literally coming out of the woods?" Aren't the homeless usually on the streets, or in alleys or under highways? Other than that, great writing skills.
Beautiful story and beautifully written!
Excellent! Well written and I am very hopeful that it is a true story. If not maybe it will become one. Great job and beautiful way to use your gift with purpose.
What an amazing story! So beautifully written. Well done!
Great article and message!
Wow! What an awesome ministry! Great writing, as usual. Loved everything about it.
Blessings, Lynda
Inspires the reader to strive to create good works and good 'writes'! Wonderful story by a talented author.
Yes, as has been said, it is a great story, well told, and true, I take it? It would be good to see this published in a newspaper or something.
This is an amazing story!! Thanks for sharing this!
I'm also hoping this is true. If not, it should be! And if it is, please see that it's published. What a wonderful ministry. And I loved the humour in the last line! Lightened the piece after making the reader wonder: what am I doing to fulfil Matt 25?
Al, this was an inspirational piece. I've been flat out over the weekend and today, so haven't had a chance to reply to your email, but will very soon. Enough to say that I found this inspiring and challenging. Thank God for faithful men and women who go the extra mile to shine Christ's love and light to those in need. Congratulations on your 5th place win - very well deserved. Your story will now spread even further. Your message was simply told - but incredibly inspirational. With much love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator)
Yes, to all who asked, this story is TRUE. It is re-enacted every Tuesday at the Suburban Lodge in Garner, NC. This is one of nine outreaches to the homeless by Church in the Woods. Two years ago there was only one. God is moving in powerful ways!
Wonderful! The Spirit of God shines brightly in your writing.