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This is such a good example of us trying to force something when God has a different plan entirely. It made me stop and wonder how many times I called out to Jesus for answers, but missed his message because I was tying to do it my way. Excellent story.
...and a very insightful comment from Shann gives me a green light to add my "Dittos!" to what she wrote!
Oh, so good - and very faith-confirming. Yes, God does override our way, and when He does, it's perfect. This was well-written with a sweet message. Thanks for sharing.
Isn't that just like God?! I loved this entry and it certainly rings true to me.
This is a very sweet, special story. I loved how she sensed God's presence during their meal together - how wonderful He is!

My one bit of red ink is too start each new speaker's dialogue in a new paragraph.
I laughed---out loud.
The tape over the nose and the timing for the kids to walk in and see...
The fasting and prayer timing with the breakfast they made...
It's me!
Great read!
You made me laugh:) Good story.
This is a delightful story. I laughed several times. Your mc's voice was funny and ever-so-pious. Well done in every facet of this story.