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I have to confess that I found this hard to read because I didn't really get it until the end. When the penny finally dropped, I really liked the concept. Perhaps I'm just a bit slow today!
An unusual take on the topic. I like it. So many need to hear that trumpet call.
A lot of people have used the Gideon theme -but this is the most intriguing take on it. Well done!
I like the idea of this story (very creative), but found it hard to follow-confusing.
I think this was very effective--you make your reader guess about the narrator for a while, and then--when we finally get it--we have to read it again with the narrator's true identity in mind. Very sneaky way to get us to read it twice! I liked it a lot!
I loved this! An inspired piece (In my humble opinion)! I love the idea of Gideon's trumpet sounding. To me that said it all. Did notice a couple of typos but they didn't diminish the piece at all.
Maybe I'm unusually bright tonight but I caught on early and still enjoyed all of Gideon's personal encounters. This really is well done.
Very unique entry. I didn't get it at first. Good pov.
I'm joining the crowd in saying it took me a minute to get it (about half-way through). But I'm one who loves to be surprised and I was delighted by this one. Well written and clever angle on the topic. A contender for sure.
Blessings, Lynda
Wonderful story, great use of personification in a very creative POV, and very realistic at the same time!
What a creative point-of-view! Well done.
Very creative! I like this a lot.
I had my guesses in the beginning where you were going and it kept me reading to find out. I LOVED this... really thought you did a good job. Great concept, I thought. I thought the beginning and middle was stronger than the ending however. Again, very clever idea for "hotel/motel" theme! Blessings, Amy Verlennich
Ben, this was an exellent take on the topic and on the use of the Gideon's Bible. Well done (as always). With love, Deb